First Name :   Maria A. Palmer
Last Name :   Palmer
Comment :   Is wonderful the Memorial @EAH will finally go up. My husband will be coming home at last. Have some media reports from our guys that went over.
First Name :   robert
Last Name :   long
Comment :   
First Name :   Larry
Last Name :   Sparta
Comment :   Viewed this site for the first time. Great! I gave my DD 214, and see Im listed in Roll Call, Class of 1962. I will be at the groundbreaking Nov. 11, and will do purchase a brick. Thanks for all that you do!
First Name :   Betty Ann
Last Name :   Yurkewitch
Comment :   
First Name :   Mike
Last Name :   Schaffer
Comment :   It makes me feels good to finally see a Vietnam Veterans Memorial standing on the EAHS grounds for everyone to honor our fallen hereos while at the same time reflecting their personal thoughts about war.
First Name :   Jim
Last Name :   Williams
Comment :   Class of 1960 USAF 1961-1969
First Name :   Petes
Last Name :   Photo
Comment :   Custom street/hot rod/Rat to Rolls Royce, motorcycle, truck photography. USAF Vietnam Veteran 1967-68, I hope to be there to photograph the show. Ill contact a staff member when I get there. Welcome Home!!!
First Name :   McKenna
Last Name :   Griffiths
Comment :   I work at RCN as tech support and had the pleasure of talking with CHARLES T SNYDER. He told me about the this site, so i came here to visit it and help out.
First Name :   Charles
Last Name :   James Jr
Comment :   For those who served and gave their all. THANK YOU
First Name :   Ora
Last Name :   Lamas
Comment :   I think this is a wonderful idea, I dont feel that the men and woman, where really ever recognized for all they have done, this war really affected there health. All people who served in any war, I would like to say thank you for all you have done .
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