First Name :   stephen murphy
Comment :   am deeply interested in any records that you may have on the venerable doghole schooners from the cape mendo./smith river area to bodega bay, russian river and ports of call in between-thats masters/builders etc. photos a plus? shoot me an e-mail= murphy
First Name :   HBMM
Comment :   Our Oneatta was built in Portland Oregon in 1880 and was registered here on 7/1/1882. She ran freight and passengers around the bay, one stop would have been Hookton on the South Bay. This would be the closest access to Humboldt Bay from Table Bluff South
First Name :   Steve
Comment :   Was ferry Oneantta, used by Eel River & Eureka Railroad to complete connection on north end of route before track extended there, also used in other service in Humboldt area?
First Name :   Marie Wilkinson Treankle
Comment :   Saturday October 27th 2012,went out on the Madaket with my daughter Sarah and cousins Tami and Ashley, to Celebrate Aunt Jo Startares Birthday and Memorial. She loved going on the Madaket and listen to Leroy narrate the history of the Eureka Bay. She woul
First Name :   Robin Gray-Stewart
Comment :   
First Name :   Jeanna
Comment :   My grandfathers schooner sank off the coast by Eureka in 1930. I havent found much info (the Brooklyn). I look forward to visiting: maybe youll have information.
First Name :   Linda
Comment :   So glad to have information on your museum .. plan to visit on Sat., 10/8/11. ;)
First Name :   Kathleen
Comment :   This looks like a trip to add to my “to do” list! These photos are quite good. Kathleen
First Name :   Kevin
Comment :   Thanks you for helping me celebrate my 30th bday. My group had a blast on it. Im gonna enjoy a second tour for my nephew bday tonight!!!
First Name :   John
Comment :   The Friends of the Fragile Shoreline love the Maritime Museum, the Timber Heritage Association and the Blue Ox. How about an excursion with all three? Travel between the Ox and the Madaket down the rails on 1St. St.?
First Name :   robin
Comment :   well sea ya @ 2011 season
First Name :   Carol
Comment :   My husband Eddie and I were part of the Pueblo reunion group that had the opportunity to take the Madaket Cocktail Cruise on September 8th 2010. As a resident of the Humboldt area during his early years,he enjoyed seeing the various changes around the ba
First Name :   Jacek
Comment :   lovely museum and website
First Name :   Mark
Comment :   My father used to work in Samoa and take the boats over every day. He made some extra money by being a deckhand on the tug boats. As a kid, I made many trips to Samoa on the three boats, the Madaket being my favorite. I got to ride in the pilot house and
First Name :   MADAKET Crew
Comment :   Yes, Mimi you can purchase gift certificates and tickets for the MADAKET cruise over the phone by visa or mastercard. They can be emailed to you or sent in regular mail and are valid until use. email to for further info
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