Name (or screen name) :   Dan Anderson
URL (website) :   NA
Location :   Caye Caulker Belize
Comment :   Hey sandi this is your cuzzin Dan i need to buy your discs, my friend took my only one, I cant get it back, let me know where i can get them keep it up kid youre great. your cuzzin Dan
Name (or screen name) :   Fyrborn
URL (website) :   
Location :   friends house
Comment :   Dude whats been goin on!! Hope youve been doin well,.LOL
Name (or screen name) :   wazupnow
URL (website) :   
Location :   between Everett and Seattle
Comment :   What a site!!!, but then again us Aquarius/Pisces have always had great taste. Only a couple of weeks away. Hope you have a great one. The songs are great. Incase you donít remember the screen name, itís me Pete. Later
Name (or screen name) :   Kal
URL (website) :   Whatever thats is
Location :   South of SIMA
Comment :   OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Hows life? I just back from a date with my next wife!!!!!!!! I need/want to by all your new CDs!!!!!!!!! I luv ya and miss ya
Name (or screen name) :   Toni
URL (website) :   
Location :   Pensacol, FL
Comment :   The new site is fantastic! Hope you are enjoying Japan. Love the new demo, and cant wait to hear more from you. You are an amazing songwriter and singer.
Name (or screen name) :   Joy
URL (website) :   
Location :   Los Angeles, CA
Comment :   Love the new site! You sound & look great! Hope you love it in Japan~
Name (or screen name) :   FyrbornXTG
URL (website) :
Location :   Wolves Den_Waterloo
Comment :   Great upgrade to the site Sandz. Yes my e-mail is still the same. In case you dont remember its. I await your progress.Howl
Name (or screen name) :   Flt. 1938
URL (website) :   
Location :   Portland, OR
Comment :   Love the site, love the music...hope the art show went well...thanks for the conversation, made the flt. go by a bit faster...all the best to you and yours in your next big adventure (Japan)...Oh and where can I download a few of your songs in mp3 format?
Name (or screen name) :   hella
URL (website) :   
Location :   cinti,oh
Comment :   Hot girl!
Name (or screen name) :   Swodog89
URL (website) :   
Location :   Japan
Comment :   I really like your new web site and your pics are awesome
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