Message From :   Jim Baca
Comments :   Joanie, I really enjoyed looking at your photos!!
Message From :   Ross Matocha
Comments :   Very interesting! Its neat to see some old pics of my great grandpa, Raymond, and family. Thanks for sharing! Ross Matocha, Smithville, Tx
Message From :   Kenneth Krolczyk
Comments :   Maybe we can hook up next time you are camping in New Braunfels.
Message From :   Michael Stryk
Comments :   awsome site. has given me much pleasure and happiness in following our family throughout the year in pictures and info thanks Roger for putting it together. You are one very special person and I respect and love you.
Message From :   Roger Rethlake
Comments :   Hey Randy - Email with my sister yesterday - shes in Vancouver BC - been getting mucho snow since mid december. Unusual for BC. All the best - and stay warm!
Message From :   Randy Rethlake
Comments :   Greetings Roger and Company! Were getting snow just about every two days or so here...starting to really pile up! Ill be thinking about you guys the next time it gets about 20 degrees below zero again... Take care! -Randy.
Message From :   Roger Rethlake
Comments :   Hey Randy - Snowed here in Houston last week (unusual!!). We missed it due to vacation on Cozumul (pretty tough i know . Guess its all about timing. Happy Holidays to you and yours!!
Message From :   Randy
Comments :   Yo! Greetings from Minnesota, Its COLD and snow covered.... expecting a warm up then more snow. temp is getting down into the single digits.... BRRR!! See ya and Happy Holidays! Randy Rethlake.
Message From :   Roger
Comments :   Johnathan - youll always be part of our site. Thanks for having us over for your 30th!
Message From :   Johnathan Nyce
Comments :   I just checked out the site and I love the pics of the river theres a pic of a disc golf basket. That rocks. LOL . Love the pics of MY 30th B-DAY. Thanks for making me part of your site.
Message From :   Duwayne Engelhardt
Comments :   Enjoyed the pics of Vegas. Cheryl and I and three other couples went there several years ago. The strip was under the major construction then and you were there after some were finished. We had to walk around a lot of the new large ones.
Message From :   Nicole
Comments :   Hey Michelle!Congrats on the wedding!
Message From :   Roger
Comments :   Hey Michelle - Guess you found a few more pictures than you barganed for. Congratulations on your future new last name!
Message From :   Michelle Najar (soon to be Haben)
Comments :   Well, it took awhile but I knew at some point, I was going to find a picture or two of the Griffin-Rethlake clan. I hope all is well. Congrats on the grandson! Im living in Austin and getting married in May. Yep, hell froze over. -Michelle Najar
Message From :   Hank Rethlake
Comments :   Alice and I love looking at all the pictures on this cyte. It makes us feel closer to you guys. We love ya!
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