Name: :   Paul Johnson
Date: :   March 24, 2015
Contact Info: :
Comment: :   Hi Martha, While searching the web for ancestral names I found you family tree. In it I discovered that the closest relative we share is Guri Gullicksdatter Magistad. My tre was compile by Betty Rockswold Geneaologist for the Valdres Samband. She cites
Name: :   Elizabeth Selzer
Date: :   9/22/2013
Contact Info: :
Comment: :   Thank you for the wonderful detail that you have put into this family tree. Today I located a long lost family member by finding her name here. Thanks so much, Elizabeth Selzer (Crane) Daughter of Frederick Adolph Selzer
Name: :   Vivian Louise Parks
Date: :   Dec. 2, 2012
Contact Info: :
Comment: :   Lorene Ethel Glimp Parks is my mother in law, she is 93. Noticed in the list of her siblings you left out Bertha Julia Glimp 1901 who was the first child of James David Glimp and Martha Jane Stevens.
Name: :   Ellen Bentley Hahn
Date: :   Feb 7, 2012
Contact Info: :
Comment: :   This is a fascinating resource. Please keep it up! Let me know if I can help.
Name: :   Charles Steffler
Date: :   10/28/2011
Contact Info: :
Comment: :   I have not visited in a while. I am in awe of all you have done.
Name: :   LaDonna S. Davidson (Rips)
Date: :   10/14/2011
Contact Info: :
Comment: :   My father was Charles Eugene Rips Sr. (I was adopted) His Parents were Eugene Henry Rips and Mary Margaret McGrew (he also was adopted) Just thought I would say hi, and how cool it is that you have this here. even if we are not real blood, its cool to kno
Name: :   Jane Sheehan Michaels
Date: :   9-22-11
Contact Info: :
Comment: :   I was doing some research on Gruenau, TX where my mothers family is from. I came across the names of several of my relatives on your list! Lorene Stanchos Koopmann (married to Gilbert) is my aunt (my mothers sister) and Velma Stanchos is my aunt also (mar
Name: :   Dana
Date: :   
Contact Info: :
Comment: :   I am the 9th great-granddaughter of Aquila Chase. I was doing some research tonight and found your site. How are we releated? looking forward to hearing from you :)
Name: :   George Dougherty
Date: :   April 18, 2011
Contact Info: :
Comment: :   You and I are related through our connection to Peter Blum who died in 1669 in Althornbach, Germany. He is my great-(say it 8X) grandfather.
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