Name :   John Shutz
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Comment :   Great site Mike, I live my hobbies vicariously through your site!
Name :   Martin
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Comment :   Great web-page and very nice astronical photos.. came to your web-page, after I did google for Starlight Xpress SXVR-H18.. regards from Austria, Martin
Name :   UH-1N Pilot
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Comment :   MadMan, You did a fantastic job on the UH-1N. I fly with the unit whos color scheme you copied. Man, you nailed it! You have serious talent. Take Care, --Rotorhead
Name :   Benson RIcks
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Comment :   Great stuff Mike. Yes, Im jealous.:)
Name :   Greg Myers
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Comment :   Awesome Site! Love the Astro work
Name :   John Wetmore
e-mail +/or URL :   jawetmore10162GMAIL.COM
Comment :   Came across your site looking for pics of Antares Rho region in Ha. Great astro photos but, your wifes voice is professional quality and so impressive. If I was a music talent scou, I would sign her up. Great site!
Name :   Jeffrey Miles
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Comment :   Love the photo of the Christen Eagle !
Name :   Gilda Yaley
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Comment :   Im impressed!
Name :   Kenny
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Comment :   Hi Mike. Great videos, best one has to be Diesel Dude !
Name :   Ray
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Comment :   Hiya! I like all those wonderful photographs in your website. I have a relatively new model aircraft website,, but it is no way can be compare with yours. Regards, Ray in Belfast
Name :   greg hateley
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Comment :   dude i just saw vol9 with the trex600 monster awesome ,damned if i dont want to go out and build one myself lol
Name :   Johan Bruins
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Comment :   Hi Mike, It was a pleasure meeting you and your lovely wife here in Bangkok. Your expertise with the T-rex helicopters was very much appreciated by all. I look forward to another visit from you and the Misses. Thanks much for your support for Z-rc and K
Name :   Jake Adkins
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Comment :   Nice site
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Comment :   great site, and a wonderfull movie on synergy n9. if you ever get to kingson jamaica , please email me . regards, franz
Name :   best daughter ever
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Comment :   daddy i was just showing my friend your website. you are such a dork! but i love you!! muuuah.
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