Name :   Raymond Nicoll
e-mail +/or URL :
Comment :   Very good site. I am building one the same as yours. I certainly hope it turns out as good as yours
Name :   Roy Mayoral
e-mail +/or URL :
Comment :   great site!! Have met you several times and you treat everyone like a friend. We need more like you in this hobby.
Name :   Dr.Tim
e-mail +/or URL :
Comment :   Great Stuff Mike!!
Name :   Bill Rauck
e-mail +/or URL :
Comment :   Hi-Mike Loved the Bell47 photos so much I bought one. Where is the antenna wire?
Name :   Tor-Erik Olsen
e-mail +/or URL :   Tennevik
Comment :   Iam a owner of a BELL47G and i like wat you have done with the 47 Ilive North Norvay HARSTAD.Igeth many aides from uor foto and that is good.
Name :   david lo
e-mail +/or URL :
Comment :   Very impressive, and I really like to know the upgrade informations of your X'cell 60se to 90se, goood job. But I would like to asked a question ? Can you tell me the following power plant is OK or Not ? (Webra P5-75 engine and use Muscle pipe ). Nice to
Name :   Steve Klemp
e-mail +/or URL :
Comment :   Great Site, Good pictures. I stopped by to check out the Bell 47 G "Fantastic" Keep up the good work! Steve.....
Name :   Ryan
e-mail +/or URL :
Comment :   COOLEST site i've seen so far! If you have any detailed starting instructions and tips please let me know. In the mean time i'll be back to check out your updates!
Name :   John Garst
e-mail +/or URL :
Comment :   Just found your site. Your scaler looked great once again. Glad the SE is rockin'. I finally got a decent gyro for the SKY4 Jet Ranger!
Name :   Ron Conrad
e-mail +/or URL :
Comment :   Awesome site !
Name :   Edwin Chavous
e-mail +/or URL :
Comment :   Great site! I just ordered a Hornet - May lean on you for advice. Thanks a bunch for this. EC
Name :   Coos
e-mail +/or URL :
Comment :   Hi, I must say it........ your Bell47 looks great!! I'm building one myself and hope it's gone look as good as yours. (it's gona be a MASH version) Coos Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Name :   Butch Roberts
e-mail +/or URL :
Comment :   Thanks for your reply on RunRyder about the Hornet. Great Site you have! Butch R
Name :   Christophere J
e-mail +/or URL :
Comment :   Nice looking site. I'll "see" ya on
Name :   Larry Brisighella
e-mail +/or URL :
Comment :   Great looking site and birds!!
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