First Name :   sharon simonsen/ norrie cadman
URL :   
Comment :   hi cole and sylvia, It was nice to meet you both in beatty, we had a great holliday in las vegas.
Where you from? :   England and Denmark
First Name :   sharon simonsen
URL :   
Comment :   
Where you from? :   Dad lives in england, i live in denmark
First Name :   RENAUD
URL :   
Comment :   Greetings from four french frenchies
Where you from? :   
First Name :   Andrew Willis
URL :   
Comment :   hi grandma and papy
Where you from? :   Elko,Nevada
First Name :   Abby
URL :   
Comment :   Love seeing the photos :)
Where you from? :   Beatty/Denver
First Name :   Matt
URL :   N/A
Comment :   Met the Cimarron Kid a few nights past on my way in to Death Valley! Very fun all look great!
Where you from? :   Philadelphia, PA
First Name :   aly
URL :   
Comment :   two of you had a drink with my best friend Lucy from england last night! love the website. if i lived in the USA id dress as a cowboy ALL the time. i almost do anyway
Where you from? :   Nottingham England
First Name :   Lucy and Gavin
URL :   
Comment :   Hi there Cactus Jim and Green Eyed Lil! It was lovely to meet you last night... Hope to see you again on our next stop in Beatty!
Where you from? :   Nottingham, England
First Name :   Kim & Stefan
URL :   
Comment :   Its been just over a year now, but we will never forget meeting you guys. You made our trip!!!!
Where you from? :   Newcastle NSW Australia
First Name :   Urs
Comment :   Dear friends from Beatty. My wife Heidi and I recently had the pleasure to meet two your group in the saloon. We really enjoyed it. All the best
Where you from? :   Switzerland
First Name :   Alex
URL :   
Comment :   Really Nice website and really nice to meet Cole Yesterday! Have fun guys
Where you from? :   France / Paris
First Name :   Chuck & Joanna
Comment :   Photographer friend of Miss Abigail Rose a.k.a. Miss Cindy. My wife and I use to do Civil War Re-enacting. Really enjoy the music on the YouTube Introducing the Beatty Cowboys.
Where you from? :   Chattanooga, TN
First Name :   Brent
Comment :   Fabulous group to say the least, made us feel right at home here :) Welcome to Beatty, NV, now this is America! Cant wait to go back. Happy Burro Chili and Beer, Great little place!
Where you from? :   Boston, MA
First Name :   Cat
URL :   
Comment :   Great work on the updated website. Love the new pictures. a special hello to Whiskey Jack.
Where you from? :   Formerly New York
First Name :   Monique
Comment :   I met cowboys, Cole Allen, Cactus Jim, Whisky Pete, Fred and Patti Summers in September of 2011. Great people!! I would highly recommend visiting Beatty and stopping by The Happy Burro Chili and Beer saloon. You will be lucky if you have a chance to meet
Where you from? :   Las Vegas, NV
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