First Name :   Luiz
URL :   
Comment :   Thank You.
First Name :   Rick
Comment :   Great Stuff. I appreciate your work.
First Name :   Brandon
Comment :   I came across this study group today and I have been truly blessed. Thank you Roger for having youre teachings available online. Until finding youre group I was stumbling my way through the book. Youre guidance and insight is greatly aprreciated.
First Name :   Tim Brock
Comment :   what an experience a privilege it is to have Roger as my teacher. what a dream come true. slowly but surely comprehension will grow if you give it a chance.
First Name :   Patricia Rife-Beavers
Comment :   Greetings! Reflecting and acting upon truths and communities fostered by the Urantia Book opened many horizons and loyal friendships across the years. Greetings as we move to Chattanooga, Tennessee! 678-596-6503
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