name :   caitlin
location :   nj
favorite dessert :   cupcakes!!
comment :   this is the cutest place
name :   Dayoung
location :   Korea
favorite dessert :   taro milk tea
comment :   Here is like a taro milk tea for me
name :   Alana Jewel
location :   California
favorite dessert :   Ice cream
comment :   I love your pixels! Especially your Sailor Moon ones. I had been looking everywhere for some really pretty and quality SM pixels, but couldnt find any. And then I found you! Thank you so much for sharing your work with us!
name :   Sono
location :   Sonos Hideout
favorite dessert :   Lemon Meringue Roll
comment :   Pure cuteness, indeed! So much loveable little pixels - and convenient, too! Ive linked your site and given you your respective credit. Used some of your pixels on a site of a personal matter~ Keep up the amazing work! ♥ ;3 ~ Sono
name :   alexis
location :   deep dark hole
favorite dessert :   root beer float!
comment :   wow!! I found you in a directory for Japanese pixels haha so refreshing to read my native language after sifting through Japanese (and garbled Japanese code) for so long! Your site is so so cute !! Following on tumblr, too lmao bye
name :   Sei
location :   California
favorite dessert :   Pudding
comment :   You should really make some cursors! Especially of your doughnuts,Too cute ~!!!
name :   Eva
location :   CA, USA
favorite dessert :   Too many to choose from but Ill go with cheesecake, no wait key lime pie.
comment :   Love your work! I found your site yesterday while looking for Sailor Moon cursors. Please keep this page up forever :3
name :   marionette
location :   malaysia
favorite dessert :   cheesecake
comment :   your site is superb !! pls dont stop making pixels :)
name :   esteban
location :   colombia
favorite dessert :   ice cream 4ever
comment :   i love u tumblr
name :   rosey
location :   australia
favorite dessert :   icecream sandwiches
comment :   AMAZING!! i lovelovelove this your pixels, theyre adorable please keep up the good work! (*^ワ^*)
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