First Name :   Kurtis
URL :   
Comment :   Hi from IL, Great show !
First Name :   Ruthie
URL :   
Comment :   Love what youre posting!
First Name :   Charles
Comment :   On your 11-20-10 archived show you played I Cross My Fingers by Bennie Woods and a group. I believe that it is not the same song as the Orioles song but the same title. I once had a 78 Orioles record of it and think it was a different melody. It does rea
First Name :   Kevin
Comment :   Howdy John - hope all is well. Lost touch in the past couple of years. Drop an email when you get a chance. Kevin Greene.
First Name :   Daniel
URL :   McCurdy
Comment :   Turned on the station today. You got it goin Johnny G! Keep up the good work. I will continue to listen.
First Name :   Mark Beiner
Comment :   Hi Johnny, Hope this e-mail finds you well. My name is Mark Beiner and this past Tuesday Dec 7th Gary Mitchell played one of our tunes on his Time Machine broadcast from my band Coast To Coast featuring Ben Iverson of the original Hornets. Gary mentioned
First Name :   Connie
URL :   
Comment :   Super music.
First Name :   tim
URL :   
Comment :   listen to tha music!! Thanks JG
First Name :   RAY
Comment :   I Love oldies. In fact I go to at least 9 Doo-Wop shows a year. In Lancaster ,Easton , and all over. I am going to start to listen to your oldies as I also have many 45s in my collection. Do you play The Magnificent Men songs. GAR
First Name :   NICHOLAS
Comment :   Another gem on the radio. Its like listening to the old :Time Capsul Show. All I can say is Go Johnny go. Keep the real Doowop alive.. Nick Sudano aka Nick of the Nacks.
First Name :   MannyC
Comment :   Hi Johnny G This is Manny C from Cape Coral, Florida
First Name :   Edmund
URL :   
Comment :   Dear Johnny G, Thanks for being my facebook friend.Im not sure if this is the right section for requests for your show.The one that I think needs a lot more airplay ,cos its one of my favourites is Bumblebeeby Laverne Baker.I never hear it on the oldies
First Name :   bob barth
URL :   
Comment :   Congratulations on your first five years. May you have many more.
First Name :   Bob LePree
URL :   
Comment :   Doowoppop,s Pic of the Day @ facebook
First Name :   Ralphie
URL :   
Comment :   Love Oldies , I Went To Oldies Shows Back In 70s . Saw Tony Williams(Many Times) Louis & Timmy Lymon, Scream Jay Hawkins, Many many Groups & Have The Programs .
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